Brian Wright RIP

Brian Wright – husband, father grandfather, cyclist, club mate, chairman, engineer, coach, motivator, Tool Maker, organiser, manager, motivator, bike mechanic, fixer, doer, shaper, fighter, leader, positive thinker and fan of all females is with us no more.  He leaves a hole in each of our lives. Thank you Brian for all you have done for the Willesden and for each of us in it. May the wind be under your wheels forever.

John Davies

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  1. Martin Elliot says:

    I cycled with Brian many time in Majorca. He was an inspiration to me and helped me enormously with my L2 coaching course. He is going to be missed by many many people. May he rest in peace.

  2. Maria,Martin and Charley Docker says:

    We are gutted.I(Maria) just found out on facebook.Brian got me into cycling both times and helped me get my bike.Which i will be eternally grateful for.He reminded me of my late father of his love of bikes and enthusism.He helped Charley into cycling and did so much for everyone and the willesden.Brian was our best man at our wedding and took Martin out on the eve of our wedding with the boy scouts!God rest his soul and my thoughts are with Jenny and Sam and familyxx

  3. Jayne Paine says:

    I just can’t imagine the Willesden without Brian. His death just should not be allowed, and I suppose he touched so many people’s lives that he will always be with us.
    I can’t think about Brian without smiling, apart from the time he said my handwriting was rubbish and I said that if he didn’t bother with the copperplate he would be able to write a lot quicker and he said that at least people could read it. Brian did have lovely handwriting.
    It was Brian who first told me to race. He said I was fast but that I would have to stop riding like a girl, and demonstrated how I scooted my foot along the road when setting off. Well, that was the last day I ever scooted. He always had time to help with training and was full of encouragement, never bad-tempered. Brian was a man who loved making life better, and he had a positive effect on many of us.

  4. Tom Zittel says:

    I first met Brian on a Thursday with Prime last year. He was so welcoming, “Your riding with me, and use both breaks when you stop” were his first words I think. I learned a huge amount from Brian that first session.

    After a few weeks he would introduce me “This is Tom he’s joining the Willesden.” and he was right I did join and so did my wife Charlotte. We both count ourselves lucky to be apart of such a lovely club. Brian thank you, our lives will not be the same without you.

  5. Maurice Joyce says:

    Brian was a great friend, family friend, mentor, coach will be missed with everyone that has know Brian.

    A great person to work with who had such a passion with cycling and coaching.

    Our thoughts are with Jenny and family.


    Maurice, Liam, Frances

  6. Roger Bunnett says:

    I first met Brian in Majorca a few years ago, and immediately struck up a friendship that has lasted, a great bloke who I will sadly miss.
    RIP Brian top bloke.

  7. Ian Oliver says:

    Brian was involved in so much of the local cycling scene it’s hard to know where to begin. Two standouts for me are the enthusiasm and knowledge he brought to the Slipstreamers and the patience and good humour he always displayed as Willesden Chairman.
    Brian will be missed by us all.

  8. steve sibley says:

    I met Brian about four years ago while at a training day at Hillingdon, he asked me who was coaching me when i said no one he said as from now he was my coach. I totally was amazed by his enthusiasm and all the help he gave me and others. His death will be a huge loss to the Slipstreamers, Willesden CC and the local cycling community in general. Brian you will be sorely missed.

  9. Sean burke says:

    how sad-me & my son Sam had the wonderful opertunity to cycle with Brian in mallorca in Feb-2012 -wot a guy-some times in life u meet people for a sort period of time yet u feel like uv nown them for a life time-god bless u Brian -me & Sam will truly mis u-

  10. tracy jaquest says:

    I have just found out and I am totally heartbroken. Brian was an incredible man, so kind. He got me into cycling, started out as my coach and ended up as my friend, well actually he was more like a dad to me. Had many a laugh and a tear on Majorca trips and will never forget the strawberry rides. He has touched so many lives and will never be forgotten. Always in my heart. Love to Jenny and the family. RIP Brian Wright you were a true gentleman love Tracy, Ben and the twins x x

  11. Vic White says:

    I’m so very sad that Brian has left us.I’ve known him since he first joined the club,and although circumstances have meant that I seldom get to club events,whenever I did he always came over for a chat about old times. God Bless,Brian

  12. Tracy Patterson says:

    I have only just found out about Brian’s death. I am forever grateful to him at Slipstreamers helping my daughter to learn to ride with a disability which affected her balance. He also taught me how to help her in between his sessions. I will never forget the jelly eating competitions at the Christmas party at Slipstreamers –he had such a joy and gift for living.

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