Bicycle polo is completely crazy and not to be missed!  Hope to see you there!

More players wanted!  …. and who will be playing from the Willesden this year? (we can loan you a couple of players if you need!).

This year we hope to get a full team again from the Westerley and the Willesden (3 or 4 members in a team). This is now an annual competition and this year will be the first in a prestigious challenge between our two clubs.

Who will be the winner of the 2010 polo match? The Westerley or the Willesden?

Get out your old hack bike (mountain bike or otherwise) and come and join us. Crazy girl Jayne even managed to play on a track bike a couple of years ago, as I recall.
Almost as much fun: come and watch the spectacle and just enjoy the barbecue. Big laughs guaranteed!

Don’t forget the date: 30th June, at the clubroom, 8:30pm.

If anyone would like to set up the BBQ or help cook, I’d be grateful of offers of help, please.

If you’ve not been down before, check out the map on the link below and we’d love to see you!

cheers, Roly

Roland Collicott, Westerley CC

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