Yet Another Chance To Warm Your Willy

Not just cheap innuendo…

Last weekend’s Limited Edition Willie did not work as intended – see Paul’s ride report, so another chance on the 29th for anyone wanting a 200k PBP qualifier.

Paul Stewart’s ride report

The plan was for Ray Kelly and Scott Williams of YACF to route check the Willy Warmer on Saturday as they couldn’t make the scheduled date for various reasons. That suited me fine as it meant I could cut away to ride the linking part of the Little Willy between Sulhampstead and Beechill. So far so good. What I had not planned on was that they would ruthlessly drop me on the road to Henley where there is an info control and then hide behind some bushes whilst I rode by. Anyway, not finding them in Henley and discovering that I had no phone signal on O2, I had no option but to push on to Pangbourne whereon I received a text saying they’d back tracked to Chalfont looking for me. Some story. So there you have it. First they dropped me and then they packed. I reckon they just didn’t fancy another 70km into a howling headwind. You just cannot get good staff nowadays.

Anyways, such is my generous and forgiving nature I have allowed them to make another attempt on Sat 29th January and cordially extend the invitation to all those Willesden Riders who have opted to attend the Willesden Dinner instead of soaking up ten hours of January sunshine, but would still if pressed like to log qualifying rides for PBP and the Willesden 2011 Super Randonneur award.

Applications to the usual place, etc. See link

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