Would you like a Willesden CC Bidon?

Would you be interested in custom Willesden bidon? (more info here)

There is a minimum order so there needs to be a reasonable amount of interest. If you would want one, or two please choose which models you would prefer in the Facebook poll in the link below. (you can choose more than one)

Cast a vote

butter-bottles erik_awol_specialized-20 firefly_bottle_keg gsc-bottles.png homage_bottle oregonoutback-231-970x646

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2 Responses to Would you like a Willesden CC Bidon?

  1. Seán Bannister says:

    Don’t do facebook.
    Yes, I’d like WCC bottles.
    Most important:
    1. Leakproof.
    2. 500ml max, larger capacities are too heavy and jump out of the cage at the slightest provocation.
    Thank you.
    Seán Bannister.

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