Winter Series race 2

After last weeks reasonable weather, this week was more interesting with freezing temperatures, wind and lots and lots of rain!

The Rich C and Rich J were both mad enough to turn up, along with the other 30 or so competitors. The race stayed together despite several attempts to split the race up. The weather started to take its toll on the riders and legs were starting to get tired and the break aways were starting to get bigger and bigger gaps. Eventually a group of 4 got away in a soft move which didn’t contain any of the series contenders.

Our guy’s were hanging in there in the bunch and did well to stay with it in terrible conditions, lots of riders were complaining that their hands were too cold to change gear.

The remaining bunch sprinted for the remaining places with Richard J managing to finish 11th. Rich C also took part in the sprint however results are to be confirmed and will be updated.

We are still waiting to hear back from Lance as to how he got on in the 4th cat race.

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  1. lancewrite says:

    I was sat at home with a cold. Well done on the series points RJ. I’m very upset that I couldn’t be there.


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