Windy Wednesday Willesden Widers

On a windy Wednesday night, several Willesden riders set out for 11 laps of gruelling solo punishment at the second Westerley 10 on the Hillingdon circuit.

Chris James: 29.2? (sorry, can’t read my handwriting for that last digit…)
Melissa Arkinstall: 29.33 (who would like it pointed out this was ‘just for fun’ and she ‘was more concerned with getting home for dinner’, though at the end was claiming ‘not hungry anymore’)
Stuart Birnie: 27:20 (impressively beating his previous Westerley 10 time by nearly a minute, fuelled by a week of relaxation in Turkey) Ed Packard: 25:35 (3 seconds slower than the first Westerley 10, and interpreted as further evidence of a terminal form slump)
The winner, I think, was Malcolm Woolsey with a 24:40, but this is all to be confirmed on the Westerley website in due course!

Ed Packard

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