Willesden Reliability Ride – The First Rushes

Paparazzi Purdy will be along with an array of photos from last Sunday’s Willesden CC Reliability Ride. In the meantime here are a few iPhone shots (courtesy of Ray Kelly ) to whet your appetite.

John “Willesden” Williams , the Reliability Ride Director and Chief Promoter arrives in non-Willesden apparel to avoid Paparazzi Purdy, blame and any payment of subs.

Ian “Arrows” Why  displays a witty line in T shirts and his latest cake purchase. Ian and John “Club Captain” Wheatley did a stirling job of setting out the arrows on a dripping wet Saturday. Well done boys

Danny of the Gregarios holds his own in the post ride bun fight. Danny later announced that the club name is to be shortened to Gregs in a salute to their fav cake shop.

Cake envy breaks out as Mr Bannister taunts Mr Oliver with his cherry topped iced bun.

Miles Back

22 Feb 12



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2 Responses to Willesden Reliability Ride – The First Rushes

  1. Nicholas Try says:

    Can you enter on the day?

    • John Williams says:

      You can indeed Nicholas. Get there early to give yourself plenty of time to get signed on and avail yourself of the fine refreshments.

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