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A message from Ian Piper, who is a long standing memeber of the Willesden now living the country life. The Pipers run an excellent B&B near Exmoor (Just ask Jill and Derek Reynolds). Discounts available for WCC members; see http://www.exmoor-house.co.uk/

Just thought you maybe interested in what has been happening with the Tour of Britain and us Willesden CC members down here. To raise awareness of the race the Somerset County Council Tour Director arranged for a media challenge ride from Dunster Castle to Lynmouth (30 miles) for members of the press, TV and radio to get a feel of what the riders face when the Exmoor stage takes place on the 11 September. I managed to get an invite and ended up being the lead rider for the day.

BBC Radio Somerset wanted to do a business slot on the effect of the Tour on small businesses in Somerset and I was on BBC Radio Somerset to discuss the impact. I then cycled off to Dunster to join the riders only to find that ITV West had a reporter riding and a film crew following us for the day. Luckily I had put together a brief history of the Tour which included some old photos of Dad. He actually rode the Brighton to London stage of the 1946 Brighton Glasgow stage race, which was the pre-runner to the tour as it is now. Dad was interviewed for his views on the race past and present. Bit of a shock as he knew nothing about the interview until the camera was about a foot from his face.

The actual day finished well though as BBC Radio Somerset contacted me to do a follow up interview on how the ride went as part of the drive time program.

Anyway thought you maybe interested in the above and please say hello to everybody for me.

Ian Piper
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