Willesden CC Xmas Party

The Annual Willesden CC Xmas party for members and their friends and families will be held on Friday 20th December, at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.  Starting from around 5:30pm, ending around 9-9:30pm, or when we get tired.

The Minet Ladies Cycling Club will have their own lovely party the same afternoon and all are welcome to join us to compare mince pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, “nibbles”, etc.

Xmas cards may be exchanged as per tradition, trophies may be returned to we know not where and any accounts can be settled on the night.

Please come along for tea, music, games, light conversation and general fun (subject to availability).  THERE WILL BE some PRIZES. And prizes mean…prizes (subject to winning them.  Also subject to me acquiring them by 20 Dec.).

If you can, please bring something for a buffetLet me know what you’re thinking of bringing please, via email and/or the Willesden Facebook “page” so I can help coordinate and we don’t end up with nothing but 80 boxes of Twiglets (not really a problem if that happens).

Merry Xmas One And All,

John Wheatley

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