Willesden Apres-velo Polo Shirt

Ray Kelly’s relentless internet trawling for obscure parts of arcane bikes has uncovered some suitable apres-velo attire for style conscious Willesden fashionistas.

So as Equipment Officer he is urging all of us to check out Prendas Ciclismo’s “Corsa Retro” Polo shirt which sports a splendid Willesden CC livery.

Available in all sizes at £39.95 a shot…. or just ask Santa.

Corsa Polo Shirt

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2 Responses to Willesden Apres-velo Polo Shirt

  1. benoit says:

    Dear, Can you please inform me where i can buy abovementioned t-shirt named Corsa’ Retro Polo-Shirt

  2. Miles Back says:

    The polo shirt was available from Prendas Ciclismo, but looks as though it has sold out….:o(

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