West London Combine event #4. Handicap details.

Sunday’s ’25’ has been nominated as the Jim Revill Trophy 2010 event. The trophy is decided on a rider’s handicap time. To qualify a rider has to have ridden two 25m TTs in recent years – I’m afraid that this means that Tom, John, Harmeet and Balneet don’t qualify for the trophy (but they do qualify for the overall and handicap medals).

Jim Revill Trophy handicaps were calculated by Jim Burgin of Hillingdon CC (many thanks, Jim). Gladys calculated the other four.

No. Name Start HCap
1 Lance Woodman 7.31 1:00
2 John Williams 7.32 12:00
3 Brian Moon 7.33 8:15
4 Peter Dixon 7.34 Scr
5 Stuart Birnie 7.35 1:10
6 Christopher James 7.36 5:45
7 Simon Wicks 7.37 1:30
8 Richard Jerome 7.38 Scr
9 Harmeet Dhiraj (W) 7.39 15:00
10 Balneet Dhiraj (W) 7.40 15:00
11 Tom London 7.41 4:00

By the way, we hear on the grapevine that John Williams is taking this event very seriously: he will be testing out some equipment developed in the infamous Kenton Secret Squirrel Club. We await the results with interest.

Lance Woodman (TT Sec.)

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6 Responses to West London Combine event #4. Handicap details.

  1. Richard Jerome says:

    What does this mean? I don't understand! – why am I scratch? What is scratch?

  2. John says:

    Scratch is what you do when there's something living in all that hair!

  3. lancewrite says:

    It means that you are the creme de la creme. Your handicap is 0:00 because no one can touch you. You are the cat's pyjamas. You are like a god to us. Now shave your legs.

  4. Richard Jerome says:

    But that's not fair! – it's only because I rode the ski slope and managed an OK time and now I get punished forever!!!

  5. lancewrite says:

    It's true – you are the anti-John Williams.

  6. Richard Jerome says:

    To be fair, John does spend most of his races at the back so I don't think he knows what to do without a wheel in front of him.

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