West London Combine event #3. Start sheet + other TT news

WLC #3
The next West London Combine event on Sunday (11th April) is a 25m TT run by High Wycombe CC on the Great Missenden course (HCC114).

We have a team of seven riders taking part with the road team (Jerome, Cooper and Williams) turning up en masse this time. In a statement Richard Jerome, road supremo, said: “If we can’t show the testers how it’s done I will eat my hat a piece of chocolate cake.”

The start order and handicaps are…

No. Name Handicap Club Start
27 B Moon 8:30 Willesden C C 7.57
28 P Dixon Scratch Willesden C C 7.58
29 S Wicks 4:35 Willesden C C 7.59
30 R Jerome 0:05 Willesden C C 8.00
31 J Williams 12:30 Willesden C C 8.01
32 R Cooper 8:00 Willesden C C 8.02
33 C James 5:40 Willesden C C 8.03

International Event
Meanwhile, I will be travelling to the Netherlands for the weekend to ride the 40.8km Tijdstrijders Cup TT near Almere. It is one of a series of Dutch TTs throughout the season, so I shall be interested to see how it goes.

Westerley 10s at Hillingdon
If you want to try time trialling away from traffic the Westerley CC are offering just that. Starting from 14th April they are promoting 10-mile time trials at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.

Events are scheduled for 28 April, 12 May, 26 May, 9 June, 23 June, 7 July, 21 July, 4 August and 18 August.

An innovation is the use of transponders which will have the benefit of keeping track of laps covered on the 0.94-mile circuit.

The time trials will start at 7.15pm with an entry fee of £5 plus a returnable £10 deposit for the use of a transponder.

Further details are available from the Westerley’s Roger Wolsey, telephone 020 578 5594 or e-mail: roger@wolseyofacton.co.uk.

Lance Woodman (TT Sec)

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