West London Combine event #1. Results.

I’ll add to this report later, but the brief result is that Peter Dixon rode to a personal best 23:53 to take second fastest overall, fastest WCC rider and first handicap. Not only that, but he looked very stylish on his way to victory as well. Well done, Peter.

The fastest rider on the day was the same as last year: Peter Weir of Maidenhead and Dist CC with a 23:06 (19 seconds slower than his winning time last year).

The Willesden result…

Pos Rider Time Handicap H/c time H/c pos
1 Peter Dixon 23:53 0:55 22:58 1
2 Simon Wicks 26:07 1:05 25:02 3
3 Stuart Birnie 26:08 1:00 25:08 4
4 Lance Woodman 28:19 SCR 28:19 5
5 Jayne Paine 28:38 3:50 24:48 2
6 Chris James 30:20 1:25 28:55 6
Jim Mackay DNF 5:10
Brian Moon DNS 2:25
It was a bright but very chilly day. There was a headwind back which made the first rise easier than usual but the first two miles off the turn were a slog.

Peter, as far as I’m aware, had a pretty trouble free ride.

Simon failed to utilise his tri-bars (worth about 2:15 he reckoned) because of a lack of opportunity to train with them. His time is still a personal best though. We’re still waiting for his report on his blog.

Stuart rode to the event enduring a rush to get to the start in time. He started well but his downward sliding saddle pillar left him a little short by the end (worth at least 2 seconds he reckoned). There’s a report on his blog here.

My front changer cable broke on the way to the start which gave me a chance to work on cadence. That’s me in Ron’s photo (right) sporting this season’s must have ‘duck’s foot’ look. I have a whinge on my blog here.

Jayne, on a road bike, found the hills a trial (“it’s annoying when joggers pass you”).

Jumbo saw his role as lead out man – a role he fulfilled admirably.

Jim rode well to the turn but then hit the headwind and blew. He’ll know next time.

Well done, team. It was good to see Gladys, Ron, Peter C, Gill and Derek at the HQ. Did I miss anyone?

** UPDATED ** Entries so far for the ’25’ on the 21st: Peter Dixon, Stuart Birnie, Simon Wicks, Brian Moon, Russell O’Malley, John Williams and Lance Woodman. Official closing date is Tuesday.

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