Weekend Round up 30-31 Jan 2010

After last week’s jollifications it is mainly gloom and doom!.

On Saturday in the Imperial Racing Team’s Circuit events at Hillingdon Peter Dixon gained 13th place and Lance Woodman avoided the crash, which brought down several riders, including Jayne Payne ,to finish 44th. Luckily Jayne escaped with no bones broken.

Not so lucky was Kirsten Savage , who having finished in 2nd place in the under 14’s race on Saturday, came off on the icy surface near Pinewood in the Team Quest’s Reliability Trial and has broken a bone in her elbow. She was not alone in falling off on the ice as several riders came down.

On a happier note, Gill Reynolds and Peter Cookson went to the London Veterans Lunch at Aldenham Golf Club to collect the Team Award medals they won last summer.

Gladys Purdy

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