Uxbridge Wheelers – Racers from 1961-62

Ian Birch sent me this film of the Uxbridge Wheelers at play. It was filmed some 50 years, does anybody recognise any of the riders? One of them is a very old friend of Vyv and I.

Miles Back

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  1. Wendy Mears says:

    Loved watching that film – hardly any cars to cause annoyance, what a time to cycle.

  2. Ian Why says:

    I remember Bert Rayner.
    He used to run The Triangle cycle shop in Ickenham it’s now called Bike Wise or something.
    Bert had converted his garage at the rear of the shop into a club room and the West Middx section of the CTC used to meet there every Wednesday evening.
    His granddaughter rides Ray’s turbo sessions at Hillingdon on Thursday nights.

    • John Jones says:


      I put the clips up on You Tube, there are a few more too.

      Dave Horton took the original cine film in 1960/61 and then filmed the cine film with his camcorder and sent a copy of the DVD he made to all the old Uxbridge Wheelers he was in contact with.

      Quite a feat and the clips sure give a great indication on of cycling in those days and how traffic free it was. If you look hard you will see Alan Blann rounding the turn on the Amersham Road course by the Dunsmore signpost.

      If you make contact with Bert Rayners grand daughter again, (a classic clip is Bert making tea in the clip about event HQ’s in those days, worth a watch) can you please give her my email address. Dave Horton wants to send the family a copy of the DVD he made.

      On a sadder note, I am sure some of your older members will remember John Dean formerly of the Middlesec Road Club. Sadly John died this week, he had been in poor health for a couple of years.

      Many thanks



  3. Charlotte Zittel says:

    Hi John,

    Discovered your clip on YouTube a few months ago, it was magic to see my granddad on film. Showed my mum and she was quite touched. Will drop you an email now!

    Charlotte 🙂

  4. Brian coker says:

    Hi i think thats me before dave horton i have glasses and so much hair they where great times also recall the shop run by bert and the races round swakeleys and down the A40 back to the club hut thanks regards Brian

  5. Chris Mahon says:

    My Dad, Mick thundering along!

  6. mary shepherd says:

    hi does anyone remember a friend of ours who used to race. His name is Derek Krouse and is now 81. Would be pleased to hear so that we could pass it on. He was a member of course of the uxbridge wheelers.

    Thanks mary

    • Jean Ralph says:

      I remember Derek I am the widow of Johnny Ralph who was killed while riding his bike on the road in 1984. Johnny was mainly a track cyclist who rode for england but started his cycling with the Uxbridge wheelers and that is where we met.
      Best wishes to Derek I think he was very friendly with John Cranston. I was at the london veledrome last saturday with John and Betty Jones, I am afraid we were all born too soon when I see all the facilties that are available now but it is great for up and coming riders.
      Happy memories
      Jean Ralph

  7. Peter Jackson says:

    Really enjoyed watching this film and fondly remember Bert, Martin, David, Alan, etc and playing snooker and table tennis in the club room at the back of the shop. I think I joined the club around 1962 when I was 13 years old.

  8. Bill Wood says:

    good to see the old films I was in the Uxbridge Whheelers from 1963 til it joined the Hillingdon cc with the South Ruislip I am still in contact with ALAN tibbles Richard Newell Colin Riches and Mick Pugh I have lived in Lincolnshire for 42 years and am in the Spalding cc. Nice to see some of the old members on film. regards Bill

  9. Gordon Bloomfield says:

    Jean I have just read on the Internet about johns fatal accident so Sorrry to read about such sad news. Gordon Bloomfield

  10. Michael Carter says:

    Can you help.
    Does the Uxbridge Wheelers met at the rear of Uxbridge Station every Wednesday for a social ride. If not could you please put me in touch with any group that does.
    I am looking to get back into cycling after a year out of the saddle due to illness and family matters. I will not be available to ride until about Easter time, or when I am fit again or the weather gets much warmer

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