Two Speed Club runs

Last week we experimented with a two speed club run. Both rides ended up at the same cafe stop. The “Fitter and Faster” took a more scenic route, perhaps throwing in a few loops for added mileage. While the “Squadra Directissimo” made a bee-line for cafe with objective of being first in the queue.

This Sunday we are all going to a fairly new cafe for the Willesden, the Billingbear Golf Club. So we can all snigger at the golfers and their silly attire…..

Both groups meet at Denham at 9:30am. There will then follow a precision display of “milling-about” (of an interderminate duration) before setting off on the rides.

The aim is provide rides for all Willesden riders – so come along and enjoy a social ride that suits you best.


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  1. John Wheatley says:

    Just to note, the description of the ‘Fitter & Faster’ group may breach the Trades Descriptions Act, as I was in it.

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