Turbo – Results

Result’s are just coming through of last night’s thrilling round of Turbo Torture. In an exciting and closely fought finish Rich Cooper surged for the line to win the coveted Beanie hat. In a modest and restrained victory speech worthy of the champion that he is, Richie announced “I won a beanie hat at the turbo training session tonight.”

Will Richie be defending his new crown next Tuesday?
Will Gladys be filing the report with the Brent Times?
Will Ian have three Chocolate rolls next week?
Does Miles Back make all of his up?

Miles Back
02 Dec 09

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2 Responses to Turbo – Results

  1. Coopa says:

    to be fair I only won it because after giving out the other seven Ray asked if anyone REALLY wanted one… I put my hand up. I did REALLY want one.

  2. Miles Back says:

    Trust me to miss "Total-Giveaway-Tuesday"!

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