TT reports – 22/23 May – Updated

After months of whingeing about the cold I decided to whinge about the heat on Saturday. I rode the Farnham RC ’10’ on the H10/8 (Bentley) and recorded a 24:19. The winner was Ben Instone ( with a 20:08.

Gill Reynolds rode the Sotonia CC ’10’ on the P613 (Andover) course in 25:16. The winner was Pete Lawrence (VC 10) in 22:14.

Middlesex RC ’25’ on the H25/1 (Aldermaston): Pete Cookson 1:03:55, Brian Moon 1:10:36. Jumbo found a pothole after 8 miles and punctured.

Gill and I both went looking for good times on the new U47B course at Cricklade. The morning start for the VTTA West ’10’ meant that the heat was less oppressive and the lack of a breeze meant a fast day. The course is very good – we both thought we’d ride it again. The legs, however, had been used up the day before and we only improved slightly: Gill with a 25:08 and me with a 24:12. The winner was Dean Robson (Somerset RC) with a 20:08.

Coming Up
Sunday 13th June has a couple of decent 50s on: The Reading CC event on the H50/1a and the Finsbury Park CC race on the F1/50 (I’m going for the latter).

On the same day there are also some 10.4 mile Richmond Park time trials being organised by the London Dynamo. The closing date is 30th May. There is more information here.

Lance Woodman (TT Sec.)

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