TT report – w/e 11th July 2010

Let me know if I’ve missed any rides. LW.

Wednesday night was one of Westerley CC’s 11 lap 10.3m TTs at Hillingdon Circuit. Tom London was the fastest Green Machine with 25:18. Harmeet Dhiraj did 32:40 and her sister Balneet did 33:36. The winner was Malcolm Woolsey (Westerley CC) in 23:51.

Peter Dixon rode the Antelope RT ’10’ on the P613 for a PB of 20:27. Mark Jones won the senior event in 19:16 and Alan Cook (Ross-on-Wye and Dist CC) won the vets event in 19:18.

Gill Reynolds rode the Bedfordshire RC ’10’ (F1b/10) and was first woman with a 25:40.

Peter Cookson went to ride the Oxonian CC ’10’ on the H10/17R but the event was cancelled because of two RTIs.

I rode the National ‘100’ Championships on the B100/5 course near Norwich. The rising headwind put paid to my efforts after 75 miles and I was DNF. The men’s event was won by Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-QuickVit) in 3:23:03, just 19 seconds off competition record. Julia Shaw (Utag Yamaha) beat the women’s CR with an amazing 3:45:22 – faster than all but six of the men’s field.

Coming up…
The last weekend of July sees a Saturday (31/7) ’10’ on the Bentley course (H10/8) organised by the Charlotteville CC. On Sunday (1/8) there’s a rare ’25’ on the Marlow ski slope (H25/2) organised by the West London CA (WCC are members of the WLCA).

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