TT report – 8/9 May

Bossard Wheelers 10m TT – F12/10 – 36 Finishers

Gladys reports:

It was a cold and wet afternoon and the wind increased for the 2nd half of the field.

We will all be returning to the F12/10 on Wednesday afternoon for the London Vets 10.

Pos Name Club Time On std.
1 Steve Golla Sigma
28 Christopher James WCC 27:05 +03:24
32 Brian Moon WCC 29:40 +01:04
35 Ronald Purdy WCC 32:39 +01:58

Did anyone ride the Farnham RC ’10’ at Bentley?
Charlotteville CC 50m TT – H50/8

A cold day, but not much wind for the full field lining up for this classic event. I had to leave early, but the information I can gather is…

Lance Woodman 2:08:33 +20:12
Russell O’Malley 2:12:02 +20:04
Peter Cookson 2:19:43 +18:10
Gill Reynolds 2:24:10 +25:49

First place was a tie (in 1:47:43) between Laurence Harding (, but formerly of WCC) and Stu Dodd (

Charlotteville ’50’ photos from blinkmanphotos – many thanks. Top to bottom: Gill, Russell and Peter.

I’ve blogged about the ’50’ here.

Coming up
On Saturday 29th May I am entering the Team Velo Sportif CC 10m TT on the H10/8 (Bentley). This is an open event. Details in the CTT handbook or contact me.

On Sunday 30th May it’s the next West London Combine event: a 25m TT on the HCC114 (Great Missenden) course. Entry for this is done via the club – email me your intention to ride and I’ll put your name down. The closing date is 18th May.

Lance Woodman (TT Secretary)

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