Blasts from the past

Derek’s photos helped enliven the recent TT report – “a picture’s worth a thousand words” they say. There were no photos of Derek himself, though, so I thought I’d borrow the WCC Tardis and post a few pictures from the past.

Derek in 1951 – Kingston Phoenix event. Look out for that traffic!

Seán Bannister leads Derek in the Twickenham CC 2-up, April 1966
A more recent pic of our snapper

That’s Gill on the track, but which track? Answers in the comments please.
And who is this? Again, answers in the comments please.
If you have any old photos of club members in action, I can scan and post them here if you’d like.
Lance Woodman
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  1. lancewrite says:

    Gladys has correctly identified the last picture as Alf Peyton. There is a 50 mile cup awarded in his memory each year.

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