TT report – 26/27 June – UPDATED

Midweek catchup:
Tom London did a 25:51 (road bike)  and Tony Flynn did a 26:24 (road bike / tri bars) in the Westerley ’10’ at the Hillingdon circuit on Wednesday.

While the majority of the WCC massive were at the circuit championships, Peter Dixon and Brian Moon headed North to ride the Hertfordshire Wheelers ’10’ on the F20/10. Brian did a 26:36 but this was eclipsed by Peter’s second PB in three days – 20:40. The event was won by Richard O’Rourke in 19:53.

Gill Reynolds was 2nd fastest lady in the Newbury R.C. ’10’ at Aldermarston (H10/1) with a 26:24. The event was won by Adam Topham in 20:26.

The West London Combine / Westerley CC ’50’ was on the new H50/4 course this year. Peter Dixon (above, photo by Ron), tired after last night’s ride, did 1:57:04 to win it – stunning ride – three PBs in four days. Stuart Birnie did a 2:07:33, Russell O’Malley did a 2:09:08 and I did a 2:11:45 (Stuart, Russell and me, L-R below). A big thank you to Gladys, Ron and Jumbo who made the far Wendover roundabout their own and made it feel very safe. I wouldn’t have finished if they hadn’t been there checking all the riders through – I couldn’t bear the guilt of letting them down.

We had a team riding in the Newbury ’25’ (H25/1). Pete Cookson recorded 1:00:50 for 9th place, Gill Reynolds 1:08:04 (1st lady and first lady overall for the weekend) and Joe Foley 1:10:22. WCC were 2nd team behind the Hounslow. Event winner was Tejvan Pettinger with a 54:24.

Coming up:
Saturday 17th July: There’s a ’10’ run by North Hampshire RC on the H10/8 (Bentley).

Sunday 18th July: I’m riding my dad’s memorial event (a ’25’) in Wales. Locally there is the next round of the Richmond Park TTs (closing date 4th July). This event has its own special rules and entry form available here

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