Today’s race and Simon’s mishap

Good turnout for today’s race at Hillingdon cycle circuit where Richard Jerome, John Williams and Simon “Jane’s Bloke” all took part in the Cat 2/3/4 event.

To the surprise of all watching Simon, on the last lap, decided to produce a heroic effort and sprint from the back of the field. Unfortunately the grass verge, a couple of other riders and the tarmac all got in his way. Simon came down heavily and managed to receive a severe case of road rash. Ambulances (and Air-Ambulances) were called and he was shipped off to A&E for a quick MOT.

He says:
“Bit shaken. Went into shock so they called an ambulance. All rather embarrassing really and caused carnage! I won’t be sitting down for a few days…”

Other than that we are hoping for a speedy recovery…. that sprint was out of this world!

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3 Responses to Today’s race and Simon’s mishap

  1. lancewrite says:

    Well done, too, to Tony Savage, who made his racing debut in the Go-Race event, and Ralph Passey who also Go-Raced well.

  2. Coopa says:

    Well done Tony, and also to you Lance… racing with a cold is always a bad idea though.

  3. hippy says:

    Hope you recover quickly and well Simon!

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