Time Trial update

West London C.A. 10 at Oxfordon Saturday –

Meurig James 3rd place in 21.39, Gill Reynolds 2nd Lady and 4th Vet with 25.15.

West London C.C. 25 at Maidenhead on Sunday –

Lance Woodman 1.4.29, Jumbo James 1.5.55

London Vets 10 on Monday –

Great Drama as we thought we had won the team award.

Times Lance Woodman 25.41 +1.52

Gill Reynolds 26.03 +5.42

Jumbo James 26.41 +3.35

Ron Purdy 31.18 +3.04

Gill and Jumbo’s pluses would have won us the 1st team award but then it was found out that Jumbo hadn’t paid his subs to the Vets. Purdy was then next in line but he and Gill had 1 second less than the South Bucks Team of Michelle Ayres and Pete Cockbain.

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