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Gladys Joy Purdy, the Willesden CC’s ace Time Trial reporter has just filed her report

“On Saturday Chris”Jumbo” James rode his first Open 10 of the season on the eve of his 60th birthday and recorded 26.59 in the West London C.A. 10 at Maidenhead. Gill Reynolds was out of the medals this time although she returned in 25.31 and was the fastest lady vet on Standard.

Ron Purdy recorded an identical time as last week with 29.46.
Today (Sunday 9th July 2006) the West London Combine held a 50 mile event on the Amersham Road and the lone rider for the Willesden was Mel Kirkland, who in spite of the rain, returned in 2.22.36.

Chris celebrated his birthday early by getting to the start of the 50 and pushing off the riders before returning home for his party. I can tell you it was chilly as well as wet at 7.30a.m. this morning as Ron and I were marshalling in the 50!”

Further to Gladys’s report, Willesden CC’s Audax men Mel Kirkland, Martin Lucas and Gavin Gilbert will be taking part in the Mersey Road 24 Hour Time Trial over 22/23 July 06. Willesden CC coach Simon Doughty will be their Director Sportif, so they are in very capable and experienced hands.

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