Tim Wainwright’s bikes for sale

Especially if you audaxed, you would have known long-time Willesden member Tim Wainwright. Tim sadly died in March 2017, and now his wife Pauline, herself a cyclist, is putting his bikes up for sale.

His audaxing career started in the late 80s and he died as the result of a colliding with a parked van when out on his bike. He rode in most major audax events and had a host of audax palmares. When he wasn’t riding himself, he was expertly photographing events. He managed to make time to edit one edition each year of Arrivee, Audax UK’s magazine. He was also a thoroughly likeable man.

http://www.eastsurreyctc.co.uk/pages/TimWainwright.htm is a very good tribute to Tim.

There are two bikes: BOTH HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD!

Mercian Flam Red

  • £195 ono
  • 23 1/2″ Touring / Audax bike frame no suggests 1986 built
  • 531 respray sticker -probably 531 db or similar
  • Campag triple 46/42/26.     9sp STI 13- 28
  • Shimano hubs & brakes. Wheels run true
  • Campag 27.2 seat pin

Mercian red bike

small ding to top tube otherwise perfectly straight

Shorter Blue

  • 23 1/2″ Audax  Frame no suggests 1974 built. All straight
  • £175 ono
  • 531 respray sticker as above.
  • SR chainset 48/42/26
  • 7sp bar end 13 – 28
  • Campag hubs. Shimano brakes / gear mechs.
  • Campag 27.2 seat pin

Shorter blue bike

Both ready to run. Would make excellent winter / commuting bikes

Tim’s friend Paul Coan is dealing with the sale. If you are interested please contact him at paulcoan at hotmail.co.uk

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