The Willesden Reliability Ride

103 riders set off and 91 came back. The rider feedback has generally been very positive. This was due to all the help I, the organiser, got. The excellent catering organised by Vyv Baker and Janice Kelly, aided by John Davies, Paul and Sylvene Baxter and Sue Palmer. Ray Kelly and Stuart Birnie manned check-in. Tony Flynn and Wendy and Jim Mears put up the navigation arrows the day before. I take sole responsibility for choosing Jungle Green Camouflage as an arrow colour – it increased ride challenge, but perhaps not in a good way. Finally, a thanks for the help and advice from Ray and Wendy that allowed me to get the ride off the ground quickly.

There were four time bands for riders to attempt ride within and the lists below show who made it. If you were back just in time, but lingered outside HQ for  a while you might not show up.

100Km  3hours 30 Minutes

Roger Fowkes  Reg Stone

100Km  4 Hours 30 Minutes

Chris Abraham   Daniel Bingham   Ian Birch   Will Blackham
Amit Chauhan   Dragos Colbeanu   Chris Denman   Andy Flint
Dave Gayler   Des Gayler   Allen Huish   Mateusz Kolodziej
Agne Kudirkaite   Ross McArthur   Ian Nissenbaum  Jon Nunney
Russell O’Malley   Duncan Radbourne   Thomas Saminaden
Darren Smith   Bill Stringer   Russell Tamplin   Craig Wilkie
Marc Wilmot   Mick Fuller

100Km  5 Hours 30 Minutes

Karrie Archer   Kevin Hurley   Mark Lawrie

50Km 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Verity Allsopp  Dean Ashton   Anne Bennett   Dave Brown
Patrick Bucek   Paul Buckland   Mick Clark   James Edwards
Tania Halban   Marianne Harding   Richard Hutt   Chris Kelly
Justin King   Greg Lawes   Martin Long   Peter Manley
Andrew Mears   James Mears   Graham Pettitt   Gill Reynolds
Elisabeth Sullivan   John Wheatley   Ray Kelly

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