The Severn Across, Saturday 11th May

The 400K Severn Across is a ride that takes you to Chepstow and back.

Crossing some of the finest scenery in Southern England the ride is mainly flat – but with a couple of decent hills to keep it interesting. The outward route takes in Blenheim, Tewkesbury , Newent and Yats Rock before hitting Chepstow. Then it’s over the Severn Bridge to return via Inglestone Common (check the map contours!), Malmesbury and Membury before heading towards Henley and then home.

Riders will travel through the night and many will see the dawn before they get home.

A 400k ride is a bit of a rite of passage for ultra-long distance riders. There isn’t normally a night stop for most participants but it does test your will power and mental stamina. Even a simple route like Severn Across throws up challenges – most of which are in the head rather than in the legs.

This year, Liam FitzPatrick has taken over from the long serving Chris Beynon. He’d welcome offers of help – particularly at the 6 am start where tea needs dispensing. As this is a Willesden ride, it’s great when we have a strong presence from the club.

Go to the Audax UK site here to enter or drop Liam an email at lfitzpatrick at if you want to know more or if you’re an insomniac with a talent for making tea

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