The PBP in the 1980’s

Dodgey haircuts and even dodiger sunglasses feature in this 1980’s film of the PBP.
See if you can spot a h*lmet. I saw two…

Dear Miles,

Re the PBP video on the blog. The young lady showing a bit of cleavage (after the Sheila Simpson bit*), is Christine Archer from The Snowdonia CC. Simon Jones and I rode with her on the 1987 PBP. She kept me going through the night telling mucky jokes. She also still has Simon’s long-sleeve Willesden top. He loaned it to her to ward off the cold as she only had a short sleeve top and some home-made arm warmers. Happy memories.

The Turbonator – AKA RAy Kelly

* 2:08 on the video counter. Miles B.

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  1. christine courtnell nee archer says:

    C est moi!

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