The legendary St Lo Cycle-Cider Fest

The CTC have announced the following excellent and long awaited news –

“Some of you will remember the Easter Cider Festivals, twelve in number, held at Saint Lô and organised by the local club, l’Union des Cyclotouristes, Saint Lois (affiliated to the FFCT). Well, these are not being resuscitated but this year during the weekend of September 8th/9th that club is celebrating its 40th birthday and a similar, if smaller, event is planned. The Saint Lô club are not advertising this widely, relying more on existing contacts and word of mouth. However there has been a long-standing twinning arrangement with the Wessex CTC where Norman Payne has the details including some brochures and entry forms for this event. For more information contact Norman on

Hardly seems worth coming back from the PBP!
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