Glad’s Tiding – 26 March 07

It seems that a lot of our riders are still in hibernation!
Gill Reynolds rode in the first round of the Rudy Project Series in Cambridgeshire on Saturday and finished as the 2nd fastest Lady Vet with a time of 41.13 for the 13 mile circuit. On Sunday, in spite of losing an hour’s sleep, she rode in the London Vets 10 mile at Gt. Missenden and was the only lady to start and recorded 28.42.
Ron Purdy against his better judgement, as it was raining when he started rode round the course in 37.35.
Let’s hope next weekend brings out some more of our riders.

Cheers Gladys

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  1. Edward says:

    I raced on Sunday, I’ve just been unusually tardy getting my report in.

    I came 11th out of 22 with a time of 57:48.

    Here I am, looking suitably ridiculous at the start.

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