The End to End Record attempt is underway!!

After 18 months’ preparation and thousands of miles training together Mark Brooking and Jane Moore set off from Land’s End at 3am this morning (Mon 11th July) to attempt to become the set a record from Lands End to John O’Groats. To get the End-to-End record, they will have to get to John ‘o Groats within 3 days and 7 hours.

Once they reach John O’Groats they may not stop!! If all is going well then they may carry on for the 1000 mile record, which has a limit of four days.

You can follow their progress on the Tricycle Association Blog.

Their route and profile here and their target schedule is here

Mark is hoping to raise money for the TOTT (Turn on the Tap) charity supplying clean water to the Sudan. To sponsor him log on to

The attempt is sponsored by Longstaff Cycles.

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  1. Purdy Gladys says:

    Sorry to report they abandoned at just after 10am. Mark has knee problems and it was still raining heavily.

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