Thank you my Darlings ….!

Relaxing on her national champions litter, Jayne speaks to her adoring public through her appointed amanuensis (one free with every gold medal)… Miles Back

Darlings, never trust a journalist. Actually , when I said that I didn’t want to thank anybody and that they were all b*/?^!ds , I obviously didn’t mean it . There are lots of people I would like to thank.

Three years ago I joined the Willesden and was encouraged into racing. Over those three years I have received lots of help and support. I would particularly like to thank all the people who have given me winning tips. Winning tips give you one up on your competitors because these are the bits of information ( I like to call them nuggets ) that are never written down and are not widely known.

Thank you to

John Percy – never-ending nuggets. Nuggets that just keep coming.
Sean Bannister – Golden Nuggets – very rare , highly prized.
Keith Elliot–sporadic bursts of cheesy nuggets.
Graham Mitchell– gigantic nuggets that would scare the fragile.
Keith Wilmot – Majic Nuggets communicated telepathically.
Mike Diggins — underhand, dastardly and usually weird nuggets that leave you shifting about from foot to foot and looking in the other direction.

A selection of nuggets from those we know and love-

Brian Wright – “Don’t ride like a girl.”
Brian Moon -“Race on your oldest, crappiest bike, then it doesn’t matter if you lose”
Ron Purdy – “Always stop in the middle of a race to pick up money lying in the gutter. You’ll feel so good that you will win!”
Glady Purdy – “Don’t listen to Ron.”
Rocco – ” Have a Paracetamol before you start”
Jumbo – ” Have a beer before you start”
Richard Coopa -“Have 10 beers the night before.” ( Does anybody know if Richard has stopped vomiting?)
Derek Reynolds – “Just go off the front and time-trial it.”
Mike Diggins -“Sit in at all times.”
Ray Kelly -“Dazzle them with your socks.”
Simon Wicks -“If you are not going to win , knock off the ones who are.”
Richard Jerome – “Don’t worry about winning, get up the front and lead me out.”
Mike Ellison – “Don’t race on the track when you can cut straight across it.”
Miles Back – ” Never ever use your real name”

Thank you everybody!

Jayne ( National Champion) Paine

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