Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Willesden C.C will be making a donation of £100 to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance service as an appreciation of their services generally and forlooking after a rider (Douglas Aspinall) who fell breaking his hip on theWilly Warmer audax earlier this year. Douglas was ferrired to Wexham parkhospital where his hip was pinned. I’m pleased to say he’s doing well andlooking forward to qualifying for PBP!

As it happens TVAA will be at Reading Shopping Centre April 2~8th on a fundraising drive so this would seem to be the place to go and present ourcheque. It would be nice to thank the helicopter team personally but ofcourse we cannot make an appointment to see them as they may be out on a ‘shout. We are not the first cycling club to call on the their services, as the Reading CTC will be donating the proceeds from this years Kennett ValleyRun, most likely on Sunday 8th, which is the day of the Ruislip Randonneur,which leaves the Saturday 7th as the next best option.

It would be nice to rustle up some green jerseys to ride down to make the presentation, so if you are available and would like to take part pleasedrop me a line. I’ll probably ride out from West London but we could alsorendevous at Denham. (I’ll try and organise a route which doesn’t involvethe A4!)

***Date Change***
I have been in touch with Lyn Ellis at TVAA who advise that TVAA will onlybe at Reading Mall between 2nd~5th April after all, i.e, not Easter Weekend.However… there will be a “Meet the Press” event @ Birds Hill Golf Club at midday, Wednesday 11th April for which the Helicopter is booked to make anappearance (unless of course, it is called away…). Birds Hill will make agreat destination for a mid week ride, so I’ve asked Lyn to pencil in anappearance for WCC then.
Br, Paul
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