Race dates

The Beyond Mountain Bikes/West Drayton Mountain Bike Club this year is promoting a full racing and social calendar.

They are organising –

  • 3 road events at the Hillingdon circuit on the 17th, 24th and 31st March ,
  • a Mountain Bike cross country race at Black Park, Bucks on the 25th March,
  • an endurance non competitive off road event, the Bucks Classic on June 3rd starting from Denham Country Park Bucks
  • and on September 30th the final round of the prestigious Southern Cross Country series at Bordon.

All these events will have EOL facility depending on numbers and more details can be found on the www.westdraytonmbc.co.uk or via the club secretary at chrisjdenman@btinternet.com

Gladys Purdy

Westerley CC have a program of TT events at Hillingdon on Wednesday evenings at 19.15, which are held fortnightly commencing 14th April. Willesden Members are invited to ride. It is 10 miles around the Hillingdon Circuit. If you would like to enter, then you can just turn up, and enter on the line. The entry fee is £3.50 and you pay on the day to the Organiser. Please follow the link below, to see the dates.


They also have a Club 10, on Sunday 1st April, starting at 08.30 and the course is CC109. I believe this is the Great Missenden course, but I shall have to check. The closing date for this is 29th March, so If you would like to enter, then please let me know before the closing date. The entry fee is £3.50 and you pay on the day to the Organiser.

Hope the above is of some use!
Suzz Patel

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