Team Willesden for the Reliability Trial

We will be putting together two groups for the Willesden Reliability Trial on Sunday 16th February. One for the short route and one for the 100k event, all our youth team are expected to ride plus those who have attended our training day’s. Please wear club kit if you can lets look like a real team.

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  1. Andy Bond says:

    Happy to join the reliability probably long route assuming not too cold or wet.

    Also Ride London 100

    I did not get through the ballot again. However, British Cycling do a club challenge available for 400 teams with details published on 3rd March. I really hope WCC can apply as this was by far the best event I did last year, although I had to do it through a charity place which grates a bit. I am sure there are other WCC members gagging to do it as well. I saw loads of Paragon and Dulwich last year but not any Willesden apart from the Youth race in the Saturday.

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