Sunday’s Club Run

Club run Captain John Wheatley introduced a new “slant” to yesterday’s club run route, which was all planned in the very steepest of detail. Taking in most of the scenic delight of the Chilterns, the route proved to be a very early reccy of next February’s Reliability ride.

As you will see from the profile John quite cleverly introduced the intitial of his surname several times into the profile.

In a recent departure from the normal format of the cafe stop at the halfway point, John’s plan was to stop at the end of the ride. This made for a good ride even though we had to endure sweeping past our normal stops at Burnham, Marlow, Wycombe and the Deep Mill Diner.

A good day out and a good work out – Thank you John

Miles Back (lived up to my name yesterday!)

12 Sep 2011

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  1. Ray Kelly says:

    The profile looks like me laying on my back with legs up in the air. Spot on accurate.

  2. Ian Why says:

    There’s a difference ?????

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