Start times for this Sunday’s 25

All here are your start times for this Sunday’s 25, nice early start for all of us. Willesden is the 3rd club to go off that morning. We are following High Wycombe and Twickenham. There are 68 riders entered in total.
I’ll send out details of the course later this week. The first column below is your start number last column your start time.



11 Mick Paddington Willesden CC 7.41
12 Harmmet Dhiraj Willesden CC 7.42
13 Balneet Dhiraj Willesden CC 7.43
14 Brian Moon Willesden CC 7.44
15 Chris James Willesden CC 7.45
16 Peter Dixon Willesden CC 7.46
17 Gill Reynolds Willesden CC 7.47
18 Pete Cookson Willesden CC 7.48
19 Joanna Austin Willesden CC 7.49
20 Bruce Metheringham Willesden CC 7.50
21 Rich Cooper Willesden CC 7.51
22 Russell O’Malley Willesden CC 7.52
23 Tony Savage Willesden CC 7.53
24 Halil Mehmed Willesden CC 7.54


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