Simon Doughty – Update

The latest report we have received on Simon’s condition is as follows –

“Dear All

It is now 3 weeks since Simons trauma. He has now been transferred to the high dependency unit at Manchester RoyalInfirmary from intensive care. At this time, he continues to be unresponsive to external stimuli and pain. Although generally unconscious, he has yawn and eye opening reflexes, though there is no sign of other activity.

The best case scenario for Simon is for him to regain consciousness and suffer only moderate brain impairment. The worst case scenario is that he remains in his current condition. Sadly, the longer he remains unresponsive, the less likely he is to recover. All that can be done at the moment is to wait, hope and pray.

Simon has undergone a surgical procedure to have a feeding tube inserted intohis stomach so that he can be given nutritional support. His orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries continue to heal well.

As ever, I will update as soon as I have any further information.

Regards–Melita Luxton”

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