Simon Doughty – Update Feb 2007

Mark and Alison Brooking visited Simon in hospital last week. They have been able to give us a first hand report on Simon’s current condition and his longer term prospects.

“Simon is being cared for at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. He remains very ill in what is described as a ‘low response state’, which means: he is awake for short periods of time, but tires quickly; he is able to recognise people, follow conversation and respond by facial expression i.e. smiling, moving his eyelids.”

“Simon has a good range of movement in his left arm, limited movement in his right arm. His bodily injuries are sufficiently healed for physiotherapy to begin and therapy is ongoing to stimulate communication. The long term prognosis, at this point in time, is bleak in terms of him regaining physical independence, but it is really an unknown quantity as to how far Simon will progress.”

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    Any more news on Simon

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