Simon Doughty – Update

Ray and Janice Kelly recently visited Simon in his new care home. Here is their news.

“Jan and I visited Simon last week. Not much to report on any progress. We met his mum who was very pleased that we had visited. Simon needs as many stimuli as possible and visitors can provide this.

The home is excellent. A large private house in a leafy road. The staff that we saw were really friendly and welcoming. There are only 6 patients there so they get the staff’s full attention.. They were clearly caring well for Simon.

Simon is at Rowland House, 1A Lime Tree Avenue, Weston Green, Thames Ditton, KT7 0NY. The home is near to Hampton Court, on the way to the Scilly Isles roundabout.

Any visitor should ring the home first just to make sure that it is convenient as Simon has lots of treatments and isn’t always available.

The phone number is 020 8972 9143 The manager is Pam and the team leader is Lisa

By the way, it’s Simon’s birthday this week. 17 October. I’m sure that a birthday card or three would be welcome even if they arrive late. It may be an idea to include a photo or two with the card to remind Simon who you are and perhaps jog his memory of events.



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