Simon Doughty – Update

Here is Ian Why’s report following his visit to Simon’s new home….

Pauline and I visited Simon yesterday (8/9/07).
He is in the new home in Thames Ditton and it is much better than the last place.
It is purpose built although it looks like a regular detached house in a leafy suburban road.
It is easier to get to for us, over Hampton Court bridge towards the “Silly Isles” roundabouts for about a mile and it’s a road on the left.

He has a very nice room with three windows in it, one of which is quite large and looks out over the road so at least he can see things happening outside.

Janet was there when we arrived and they had just put Simon to bed for his afternoon nap so we adjourned to the pub around the corner, for medicinal purposes you understand!!
When we got back the staff got Simon up as it was nearly tea time.
When Janet asked Simon who we were he said “Ian and Pauline” which was encouraging.
He did say a few more words and was a little more animated than he was at the last place.
Although that could be because of Janet’s presence, she does seem to bring the best out of him.
But he still is not back to the level he was at in Sheffield.

There are only five patients in the home and all seem to be nearer his age which, I think, is better for him. He has been having physio treatment but it’s early days yet so only time will tell.
The staff a very friendly and fairly laid back and said friends can visit anytime but should phone first in case Simon is having treatment.

Ian Why

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