Simon Doughty moves south

Ian Why has just sent me some more information on Simon, which he has received from Janet.

He has recently moved to a long term term care home in Surbiton, Surrey. He is still in the process of settling in and the staff are also having to learn of his needs. Janet would greatly appreciate knowing that someone would visit and give him something to laugh about. She says bad and politically incorrect jokes are a particular favourite of his.

He is getting quite good at simple general knowledge quizs and crosswords, if the clues are read to him. He also likes to be read simple adventure stories. As well as amusing him, these will also provide good stimulation.

He is at –

Blenheim Lodge
1-3 Adelaide Road
KT 6 4TA

It might be an idea to call ahead to let them know you are coming.
Their number is 020 8408 8751.

John Davies

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