Simon Doughty at 50

On behalf of Simon’s family I would like to thank the members of Willesden Cycling Club who kindly sent cards for his fiftieth birthday on Sunday 17th Oct.

I have to admit that Simon was on good form that day and thoroughly enjoyed the presents and celebrations laid on at Roland House for him.

People who knew Simon I’m sure understood his slightly off centre humour, needless to say that on his birthday he informed the family that he was still a Spring Chicken

even at the age of fifty.

I will also try and get an updated photograph of Simon for your website.

One again thank you for the cards and messages.

Kind regards

Mark Doughty

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  1. Bonita says:

    I used to know Simon in Sheffield at the DWP, I’m not sure if he’ll remember me but please pass on my love to him and tell him I think about him often and I hope he’s ok. Our friend Jaz does too and Paul C xxx

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