Road Race details

Just an update with more details for the Road Race…

The morning race is now full with 90 riders and reserves are filling up, the afternoon race has about 45 riders at the moment which is great news.

So far the following people have volunteered to help out and I still have spaces which are mainly for marshalling. There are several Willesden riders taking part in the morning race and due to that shortage we are desperate for more people in the morning.

Thanks to those who have offered to help so far.

Willesden Riders (am)

Volunteers so far

Richard Jerome – Organiser, Photo Finish, driver if needed.
Tom and Charlotte Zittel – Signing on (7am – 9:30am) and (11:30am – 1pm)
Haymie Thacker – Signing on (7am – 9:30am) and finish marshal at 11:30am approx and 5pm approx.
Catering – Nici Savage and Suzanne Cooper
Chief Marshall – John Wheatley (7am until finish, TBC with John Wheatley)
First Aid and Driving – Ray Kelly
John Williams – Riding am race and driver pm race.

I am still in need of around 15 marshals for the entire day, obviously without marshals the race will have to be cancelled. If you have entered the morning race, I would appreciate it if you could assist with marshalling in the afternoon.

Many thanks


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  2. Santi Palacios says:


    I am a member of Willesden CC, and I just wanted to ask about what other places you have to volunteer in at the upcoming road races.

    Many thanks.


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