Rich deflates at Windmill Hill


Rich Cooper: I raced at Windmill Hill, Deepcut yesterday in the Gorrick Brass Monkey’s Winter Enduro series – race 1.

Started very strong, near the front (of 60 odd vet starters) and everything was going so well, until my rear tyre punctured. Not normally an issue as the sealant normally fills the hole, but this was next to the rim. Tried sorting it with the gas pump, but it deflated again. Put a tube in the tyre, and ran out of gas for the inflater. With no backup manual pump I had to do the walk-of-shame back to the start. On the way bumped into some friendly local riders who offered me a pump, managed to get myself up and running again and completed 2 laps in the 2 hour deadline. Looking at my laptime for the second lap I would have likely been in the top 20, one of my best results – but alas I finished 57th!

A frustrating, but still fun day.

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  1. Les Hills says:

    Rich, it seems you had the monkey on your back. Bad luck.

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