Results Round Up

Last weekend (16/17 September) was a busy one for the Squadra Verde.

WCC Road Race
Highlight of the weekend was the Willesden Road race for the John and Dulcie Walker Trophies. A mass pile up at the first bend was avoided by advertising start times from 1.00pm, 1:30pm 2:00pm, 2:45pm and 3:45pm! Most riders seem to plump for the third start time. WCC glamour gal, Jayne P., arrived late by was allowed to join in with around 30 laps to go. Richard Jerome was the only other rider flying the Willesden colours in our annual event.

Results were as follows –

1, Colin Roshier, Tm Quest, 1h 24m 34s
2, Roy Chamberlain, Tm Milton Keynes at st
3, Alex Breary, PCA/Ciclos Uno at 28s

3rd Cat prizes:
1, B Ford.
2, S Baker.
3, D Kenneway.

1, George Georgiev, PM
2, Oliver Newton, Twickenham CC/Evans Cycles
3, Alec Huckin, Didcot Phoenix CC
Thank you to Brian Wright for organising the race at the last minute

Time Trial
Jayne and Jumbo were in action on Sunday on the WLC 2up on the Amersham Road. They did a very respectable 1:06:08 for their first TT together. WCC’s Miles Back has heard that the two J’s were eagerly discussing tactics, skulldugery and sabotage over a monster fry up in the Deep Mill Dinner afterwards.

Our man Meurig James was feeling unwell last week so only managed two PBs and a fifth place this weekend. He posted a 20:42 on Saturday on the Andover Wheeler’s 10 and on Sunday at the Kent VTTA 50 – 1:58:16 (5th fastest)

We hope you recover soon Meurig!!

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