Results round up


Jayne Paine finished 2nd in the hour long race at Gravesend Cyclopark after making a break and finished just an inch behind the winner.

13087209_10153794016195000_3280202017430475637_oGill Reynolds rode in the Cambridge 10 recording 26.39 in winter conditions and

Pavel Zarovskiy managed to complete the 300km Green and Yellow Fields Audax event encountering snow and heavy rain.

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  1. hippy says:

    hippy rolled in disappointed with 11th place and 51:17 at the Welsh 25 Champs on Sunday.

  2. mark brooking says:

    Mark & Jane took the longbarrow out for a bash on the same 300 that Pavel rode.
    Apart from sub zero temperatures for about 5 hours overnight it was a good ride.
    Andwe missed the snow and the heavy rain for a change !!!
    time taken bodes well for the Summer Challenge up country.

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