Race Report 19th & 20th April – Jayne gets 2nd!

After week two’s failed attempt at teamwork in the Tuesday night 3/4’s the mighty squadra verde became embroiled in a seemingly endless email conversation about which tactics we should use in week three to avoid humiliation. A brilliant plan was hatched. We’d go to Richmond Park instead.


As always someone didn’t actually listen to the game plan and actually turned up at the track. In fact two of Willesden’s finest turned up, John Williams and Harmeet Dhiraj. Unfortunately so did three members of the Norwood Paragon. The Paragon’s book of tactics is obviously a bit better than Jerome’s as theirs actually worked. A flurry of attacks and counter attacks saw all three away with another rider and a lack of organisation in the bunch meant we were doomed never to see them again.

Williams played his own part in this by chasing down a few of the attacks, even dragging eventual winner Ralph de Kanter across to a break only for him to immediately counter on the junction. How rude! After missing the final move and a failed attempt to bridge, Williams sat back for the rest of the race and did not contest the sprint. Harmeet rode determinedly but found the pace a little hot. She kept going and got back into the group after being dropped.

Wednesday night was coffin dodgers and ladies night. Jayne continued her run of form by finishing second in the ladies race. Another fine result.In the old fellas race Peter Dixon looked very strong at the pointy end and John Williams looked shocked at the speed of the race at the blunt end. Both finished in the bunch.

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