Purdy’s Latest Event

8xxtriRon trixx2Ron trixx 2014 3Ron took part in the Hatch End Triathalon for the fourth time. Once again winning his age group as he was the only entry in the 80-84 group. Nearest age group winner was a 67 year old. he swam 17 lengths of the pool, rode 17kms on the bike and ran 3 Km. He managed it all on 2 slices of toast covered in coconut oil. Discovered later than one of our Juniors, Josh Copley, also took part taking 2nd place in his event at shorter distances.

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2 Responses to Purdy’s Latest Event

  1. edward says:

    Wait a minute … somebody covered Ron in coconut oil? Is that his secret?

  2. Wally Severn says:

    Ron, Congratulations! I really do admire you. I can’t write more due to an agonising attack of cramp following a visit to the paper shop. Well done. Wal

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